Contact-Karen Sampson, for an opportunity
to donate to this year’s run.
814-671-8455   sampsoncrnp@gmail.com


Thank you to the Titusville and surrounding communities for their generous donations each year.  Each year individuals and local businesses donate various products and gift certificates which we use as “prizes” for our participants. The runners receive in their race bags tickets which they then can choose which gift they would like to win, this Chinese Auction format has worked well over the past years, enabling the runners to have a chance to “win” a more appropriate and desired gift.

The participants look forward to this every year as these are high quality prizes.  We greatly appreciate the individuals and businesses that have so generously continued to support us year after year.

Many sponsors choose to donate funds to help us purchase T-shirts, food, medals, race timing services etc.. Still others choose to donate directly to the Scholarship itself.

Any and all forms of support are graciously appreciated. Thank you to all who have aided in us continuing the race year after year.